Life in the Slow Lane

Had a busy weekend. Saturday we took our mom to lay a wreath on Dad's graves, and decorate the graves of other relatives.  She's 91 and frail, and we saw so many other middle aged folks doing the same with their frail parents.  Is this a custom in your family too?

Sunday I had a holiday dinner out with my two quilting friends here. Between general busy-ness and colds that we don't want to pass around, it seems to be far too long between visits together. I hope we can quilt more together in 2016.

On to Allietare, it's time for the Clue 3 Linkup!  I am loving these golds, they are so ITALIAN.  I've been to Italy twice, and treasure the memories, but I grew up next door to my Italian maternal grandparents.  Christmas traditions are rich in our culture.  Friends randomly dropping by with trays of food because everyone has made too much!  Fish and angel hair on Christmas eve, some folks still do the 7 different fishes. Strufoli always seemed a favorite of the old ladies as they sat long at the table chatting and laughing. Here is a genuine Italian recipe from the "olda country" as they used to call it. 

SANDRINA SCRIVE DALLA CUCINA: STRUFFOLI di donna Emma Donnarumma  Sort of has some Allietare colors in the photo, huh?

And Panettone, toasted, sliced and buttered for breakfast.  Italian raisin bread, only with richer taste. Packaged in a lovely hatbox like thing with a ribbon loop at the top so it was easy to carry along as a gift.  I always give one to my mom.

Today I got my Christmas packages out, did some paperwork and settled down to crank out more four patches.  I'm not even halfway done, but I am very well caught up on holiday preps, so I should be able to catch up by tomorrow or Wed at the latest.

Not sure if my notes will display at a readable font here, but I am asking how many of you are using that gold that the blue arrow is pointing too (please leave a comment) and if you know how old that fabric is.  If you scroll down this blog, you can see I am using it in several quilts, and I bet it's played a part in many earlier scrappy adventures as well. . .

That pink thing is the wire from my earbuds, as I am listening to Pandora, enjoying great Christmas choral music on the Chanticleer Holiday Channel. 


Andee said…
My eyes are not good enough to see the fabric but do tell!
Anonymous said…
I am from Ont. Canada Iam happy that I can comment on your site as most do not have anonymous . Love your colours. I will be behind 2 weeks as I will be Taveling to AZ for the winter. I am useing Pinterest for my link up
Barbara said…
I don't recognize that one but some of the others sure look familiar. I believe I can find some of them on my shelf.

Barbara at Stash Overflow
Vireya said…
I don't have that fabric, so can't help with its age, sorry. It's great to use old fabrics. I have a couple of fabrics from the 90s in my units this week.
Mary Ellen said…
Sorry, can't help you out with the fabric. It looks similar to one I have, but not identical. The Italian recipe looks good, but I am afraid that my Italian language skills are not up to translating it! panettone - yes, nothing better toasted and buttered for breakfast. My grandmother is from northern Italy - Lombardy up near the Swiss border. Her hometown was Domodossola, which means sweet home. Buon Natale!
joanne w said…
Mary Ellen, My work on clue 3 today had me digging further into my stash to find some larger scale florals that reminded me of the capodimonte pieces my grandma and her friends all treasured. My ancestors were from southern Italy, and i am finding this quilt bringing up some sweet family memories. buon Natale to you and yours!

Lovely little four patches, wonder what is next for us, so far it has been very easy.