A Road Warrior Returns Home (for good!)

Today was the day.  After almost two decades of the consulting life, and more days on the road than I ever wanted, I am done with it. It has been a rough six months where I was hiding from my own decision, but it was well past time to move on. I stressed too much about giving notice. It was so difficult to wrap up my last client engagement properly without any enthusiasm or energy left for the work.

As a virtual/remote employee, I had no retirement party, no face to face goodbyes. Calls to a few close friends and then some email goodbyes. An exit interview with HR by phone and then I was gone.

I look forward to shedding my workday persona, since it always felt so unreal to me. It absorbed so much energy to constantly adjust to new clients, new workplaces, new locales.  It's a hard life for an introvert and I am exhausted.

Today, my only plan is to spend the rest of the year resting and recharging. I am going to let late autumn/early winter draw me into a natural state of quiet reflection.  There will be quilting and knitting and such, of course.   I'm going to enjoy being home with my guys and my cats. That may sound pretty boring to many people, but now that I am finally here, I feel like it is a treasure.

Who knows where it will lead?  Welcome to my musings--please drop by again!


  1. Congratulations Joanne! May you have many happy days ahead of you. I hope to follow your path...soon

  2. Although the money from the working years is nice, the peace from the retirement years is better. =)


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