It won't be REALLY real til Monday

Or maybe tomorrow night.  When that Sunday sinking feeling that Monday is around the corner usually hit me.  I'll know it's real then--because I will be HAPPY for the first Sunday evening in months, or possibly even years.

Today went well. Started with a 3 mile walk, a little later than our usual start time. The sun was higher in the sky lighting up the golden leaves, as many of our trees are still in full color.  We spotted a five point buck, but I couldn't get a good photo of him. This sweet doe was grazing as we came up a hill though. Sorry it is not such a great photo.  Learning how to really use this little camera well is on my list of relaxing reading, believe me.

All in all a good day. I shipped my work laptop back to the corporate office, and then spent a few hours cleaning and reorganizing my desk.  Now that I am only using a single laptop, I moved one of my flat panels to the Quiltorium. I can bring my laptop there and watch videos while handsewing.

On my desk by my big monitor, I have room for my featherweight if I have the urge to chain piece or anything while being online. I'm blurring the boundaries of my life just a bit already.

Soon I will have the neglected Quiltorium back in business and get the rest of my machines humming.