Getting back in the swing

Been away from my computer for a while, first to take a short road trip, and then to prepare for Thanksgiving, which involved cooking part of the meal (including the turkey) and taking it to mom's house. Traffic was awful and we arrived an hour later than planned.

In the Quiltorium, I had been working on some Sew Together Bags, but that got interrupted because I was out of fusible interfacing.  I have four of them cut out (one to keep and three to give away), and hope that I can make good progress on them tomorrow.

In the interim, if you are a scrappy quilter, you will know what Black Friday usually brings: the start of another Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt: Allietare. I haven't quilted my first BH mystery, Lazy Sunday, so I suppose I should get hoppin' on that, but I love piecing more than basting and quilting, unfortunately. And this new mystery is Italian, and two of my grandparents were born in Italy, so how could I not participate.

I will probably make this one lap sized, as I just don't do well quilting large quilts by machine.
I made a small dent in clue 1 today. The gray is a constant in this quilt. I found this small print that actually reminds me of a course aggregate concrete, which is right in line with the Italian theme, since the ancient Romans were expert creators of that material.

Since my fusible interfacing arrived this evening, it will be back to work on bags after a morning walk tomorrow. Hopefully I can share a picture of at least one of the bags tomorrow.

Another thing I did today was sit at the piano for about 15 minutes. It's another part of my life that had fallen away during my career. Good news: I can still read music. Bad news: My left hand's 3rd, 4th and 5th fingers will need a bit of retraining, and it's much harder for me to coordinate two lines of simple music. I am hoping that my brain is neuroplastic enough to revive this long-dormant skill.

I also moved my little spinning wheel to a different room where I can close the door and spin in a cat-free zone.  I'm multi-craftual, and haven't yet touched my wheel or my loom, although I have been crocheting and kntting a bit. Just trying to get it all back.