My first Monday of Retirement and a Mini Quilt show

Hit the trail before 7 am.  I had actually been up since before 5 to feed the cats. Went to Mass because it's All Souls Day today, then did some grocery shopping on the way home. Then we raked and bagged leaves for a few hours.  I'd really like to make a big dent in this while it's warm this week, even though it will probably be well into December before all the oak trees drop their leaves. 

Luckily, there were leftovers for dinner, so it's been an easy evening. I have had very little urge to check my computer or email during the day, which is great. I've been up and doing things most of the day, which is additional activity I sorely need to get my weight back under control. My fitbit says I've done almost 15000 steps today!

I spent a little time yesterday sorting things out in my sewing room. I had lost my 2015 Row by Row strips, but found them under a completed quilt. I have one more pattern to make, and then I need to put it all together. One of these days I will make a list of UFOs...and try to start finishing things. I even have a stack of wallhangings that need hanging sleeves. 

I recently finished this wallhanging, which had been sitting forgotten in a bin for many years.
And here is a quilt I finished this summer, while taking a vacation week. It's a Bonnie Hunter Pattern, but I forget which book it's from.
While I was off that week, I went to a class at Pieceful Quilting, and made this, I just love the way the batik made the perfect sky for this landscape. 

I have to say Blogger makes it easy to import photos from an android phone, even when I am writing a post on my computer.  Other than that, I am finding Blogger to be a little less friendly than Wordpress, where I was part of a corporate blogging team in the past.