My most embarrassing UFO

I'm shaming myself here. I actually got this far on a Dear Jane quilt and it's been abandoned in a bin for many years. I was able to find a photo of the center out on the internet, because the original picture was taken several laptops and digital cameras ago, before cloud storage accounts!
The triangles defeated me, but I really think I'm going to have to make time to focus and finish this one. At one point, I bought a nice border fabric for it, thinking I would do it without the triangles. But doing that scalloped border on Allietare this winter made me think I should just buckle down.

That's not to say I will use all of Jane Stickle's patterns for the triangles....I may draft a few of my own.

But first, I need life to calm down and to finish off a few other things. Not allowing myself to start anything new for a while. 

So, true confessions time, do you have any ufo that can surpass my embarrassment with this one?


Mimi said…
Well, you are much further along with you DJ than I am and I started it several years ago, too. I think this is just going to be one that I take to the old folks home. We will see. So....don't feel too bad. At least you are thinking of doing it again!
Yeah .. mine is a 21 year old embarrassment. :-(

It was a class I took in 1994 .. a quilt of borders .. a sampler. It was gorgeous except that somewhere along the line, I messed up my measurements? piecing? pressing? *something* .. so that the the diagonal middle section DID NOT MATCH UP with the 2 triangular side sections. AARRGGHHH. I was so annoyed and dismayed that I simply folded it up, put it away (but never forgotten) until March 2016.

I took a deep breath, put on my big girl panties, figured out where the middle section went wrong and how to fix it. The "fixing it" was my stumbling block back then ... I believe I simply didn't have the skill set nor the problem solving skills that I have now. Because over those intervening years, I've had to solve so many other problems of my own making. :-)

But, I got that doggone top fixed and now it's waiting its turn to be quilted. But that's an entirely different project. At least, it's no longer a UFO. :-)

The beginning of the story is on my page: And the successful end of the story is on my blog: Hmm .. I suppose I have another project to update the webpage. :-)
joanne w said…
It's funny. Sometimes I abandon a block or a project I've messed up because I am too lazy to rip things out and fix the mistake. If I get back to it the next day, I realize that I was avoiding 5-10 minutes of work, and should have just soldiered on, instead of leaving it in frustration.