Working Hard

We are still trying to keep up with the leaf harvest here.  More raking and bagging was the key task for the afternoon.

We were very happy to see our old friend Lame Deer on our walk this morning. She's been around with that crippled foreleg for at least four years. Seems to have a fawn in tow come summer. We've seen her the past two mornings, with a big buck in pursuit. She can actually run for short distances. She is our local hero.

And there were other does who stood still long enough for a few photos. The close-ups show how unique their faces are. Those bucks are always on the run though and are hard to photograph this time of year. We had some good shots of them in the summer, before their hormones were raging.

And back into the quilt archives, here are a few finished objects-these first two are patterns from Bonnie Hunter. First a split nine patch, totally scrappy bed runner that was a great leader and ender project.

Next up is a Bonnie Hunter pattern called Scrappy Mountain Majesties

Next is a crazy scrappy mess that I call Stress Fracture Vertigo, in memory of my two ailments while on a long consulting project that involved lots of flying from NY to Dallas.  Crumb piecing and maverick stars, or wonky stars (again, techniques I learned from Bonnie Hunter's site and blog).

Well, that's enough digging through the photo archives for today. I'm hoping to actually do some sewing tomorrow, but I am sure there will be more yardwork on the agenda as well.


desertskyquilts said…
I can tell you are really a Bonnie Hunter fan!