A warm December

Not the staying warm under the quilts kind of December, an unseasonably warm December weather-wise.

On the brighter side, we have been able to walk our 10,000 or so steps (actually my husband walks twice as far as that each day), and we have even spotted some new (for us) wildlife, perhaps a great blue heron? I'm not sure, as I am not a birder. It looked very nonchalant with it's legs crossed, holding its perch with one long blue foot.

On the downside, there seems to have been a brush fire along our local greenbelt trail, which makes up part of our daily route. It must have happened on Sunday. I hope no animals were hurt. The Fire Department does not know the cause. It didn't consume many trees, just downed leaves, and some of the underbrush. 

I finished my 80 four patches for Allietare today, and pressed and cut some of my neutrals, but I was too tired to finish, having stayed up too late to watch the debate. Tomorrow will bring a rainy morning, so I will sew instead of taking the usual morning hike. I also tried to clean up some of the strewn fabric that happened while I was looking for more golds and neutrals for this quilt.