Allietare Clue 2, Humming Right Along

Clue Two posted this morning. Thank goodness it involves more than grays and neutrals!

I decided to try a new technique that Bonnie included, one that doesn't generate bonus triangles. I have a bin full of them somewhere, may never use them up. Although I did make a bed runner from the bonus tri's from Lazy Sunday.

Here is my yet to be quilted Lazy Sunday.  

Anyway, here is where I am with Clue 2 after a few hours of cutting sewing, pressing and trimming.

I am using reds that are rich and tomato-ey, and some darker burgundy reds, but I put aside some that were too pink or too purple.  Some are Christmas prints, but I don't mind, let's keep Christmas in our hearts all year!

Speaking of Christmas, we saw enough deer this morning to pull Santa's sleigh. I've gotten out of the habit of bringing my camera. Will try to bring it tomorrow if we get out early enough.

Our dearest deer, the lame doe was in one of her usual spots. Sadly there is a second lame deer. I thought I had seen a fawn following her this summer with the same crippled gait. The fawn was in a garden near the end of the greenbelt trail. I don't know if this is her baby, or they are just together because they can't move as fast as the rest. It does look like the right size to have been born this year. I hope they have an easy winter. So far, it's been very warm here.