Allietare Clue 2 Link up

Since I am shooting for 2/3 of the number of blocks in the original pattern, I was able to finish Clue 2 this weekend. The linkup is in full swing, and there is great eye candy from all the pictures and blog posts already up there.

My blocks:

Maybe I should make another set to replace the third one from the left in the second row from the top, now that I am looking at them in a photo. The neutral reads too close to the gray. I'll wait and see if that's necessary as the design unfolds. I mostly went for very muted neutrals, nothing with too much contrast in the pattern.  I think it's because I found all the black and white prints in my  Lazy Sunday a little too bold for my taste.

Here are my blacks, which include batiks and mourning prints and one larger scale graphic floral:
The week was not without it's challenges.  First, it was too many visits from quiltoriumcatClyde, who was also so "helpful" on Clue 1. Then I made my usual assortment of measuring wrong and sewing things front to back, requiring ripping, resewing, replacing, and a dose of quiter's emergency chocolate.

I want to do some more piecing, but I really should make headway on basting at least one of my ufo's this week. The backlog of flimsies is getting too large, and leading to guilt feelings, as are the bins of strips and crumbs.


gayle said…
You've made more progress than I have! Looking so good!
I'm up to half my headless geese and two thirds of the HSTs. Clearly I need a cat helper...
Very lovely units for clue #2. It will all depend what color we put up against our grey? I fear my grey might be too dark. I also have a lot of flimsies calling our for quilting. Ahh so much to do so little time.