Allietare Clue 5 almost in the bag

Well, all I have to do is a final size check and trimming up of my clue five units.

Linking up with the gang.

Was a busy day.  This is the earliest I have ever pitched a Christmas tree out the door, but we had a real needle dropper this year, and it didn't help when those quiltorium cats started eating it, and batting bitty branches around the room. It will be fun to vacuum under the sofas, but that is fun for another day, not today.

Then it was on to Clue 5. I started with the easy blocks first and got them done before lunch.My neutrals are not as yellow as this picture shows.  Must be caused by my flipping the mat over to the pink side.

And my other blocks. For the most part, the points turned out well, except for one or two.  I need better daylight to do the final trimming, so I will save that for tomorrow morning, and then I will be done with this clue.

I have some utility sewing that needs to be done this week and hope to accomplish:

1.  A canvas cover for the new snowblower.
2. Hem the black suit pants for Son#2....they have only been sitting in my sewing room closet for about a year.
3. Put sleeves on 3 or maybe 4 wallhangings and put them up.


Lisa said…
Your mystery is looking good. You have chosen a beautiful selection of neutrals and I'm sure they will make it sparkle in the finished quilt.
gayle said…
All those triangles look great! I had some bumpy point-matching, but I decided I'm happy enough. I'm nowhere near as far along as you are, though!
Pamelyn B said…
Isn't it great to get past clue five? Nice work!!!
Quilter Kathy said…
Way to go keeping up with all this sewing!
lourixe said…
Well done! I've learnt not to be a perfectionist, least with a puzzle of 1000+ fabric pieces! Yours is looking good so far.