Clue 1 Done!

Well, 2/3 done, anyway.  I don't want to make a huge quilt, so I just put away 200 of the Clue 1 HSTs.

It has not been without its challenges though.  First of all, Clyde, the lovable tomcat was lonely yesterday. He was prancing around my sewing desk, giving head rubs to my Singer 301, walking behind the machine, sitting on my scissors, sitting on my pile of cut HST pieces, and finally, trying to grab the thread just before it went through the tension discs. He had to be banned. Had to give him extra attention later in the day. I just can't resist that face.

I gave him a second chance in the afternoon, after I discovered I needed some help on the quality control. Wandering mind was causing me trouble.

He came back to visit after lunch, and kept an eye on my piecing without causing any mischief. Thank you Mr. Clyde!

Do you have cats in your quiltorium? Leave a comment! Post a photo!