The Quiet Lady

I feel somewhat guilty that Clyde is getting all the free publicity here.  My other cat, Bonnie, rarely visits the actual quiltorium. In the past she has only curled up quietly for a little nap on the bed (quiltorium doubles as spare bedroom) and not caused mischief like Clyde. She is a little bit older than Clyde, and likes to spend the day in peace and quiet, between meals.

She does love to snuggle down on a quilt though. This time of year, by midmorning, she catches a patch of sunshine in the living room on a corner of the big sofa, which is draped with quilts and a fuzzy blanket in a failing attempt to keep all the orange and gray fur off the upholstery.

Bonnie came to us after she had lost the eye to infection while a foster kitten.  It doesn't slow her down--she keeps Clyde in his place pretty well without assistance.  She's cuddling on an old signature swap quilt from an online group --the swap might be about 15 years old now.

I have finished my allietare clue 2, will post tomorrow with pix.