Double tumbles

Maybe some snow fell, but we never saw it.  By morning, the rain was gone, but there were gusty winds and much deadfall as we walked our usual route. I think the cold air gave me a whopping headache or threw my sinuses for a loop, because I have had a headache all day.

Nonetheless, I managed to get my tumbler rows put together:

Don't took too closely, I am not being super-diligent about matching seams on this. I figure the mistakes will hide in the mish-mosh of fabrics, and no one will see them from a galloping horse.

I also did some mending.

I partially refilled my raw materials (oops, technical term from my past life creeping to the fore) bin

with some allietare leftovers that I haven't put away yet, and other fabrics pulled from the stash drawers.

As I was dusting yesterday, I realized I tend to collect things that aren't quilts, but that are quilt-themed in some way.

This tray that I got on a trip to Lancaster--

This little wooden box I picked up at a yard sale--

And this Milky Way tin I bought on ebay years ago when I was far more prone to impulse buying.

Do you tend to attract these quilty themed objects as well?


Anonymous said…
Tins, definitely. I had two of those tins, but they are both in storage in Phoenix. I thought it had Whitman's in it, but looks like I was mistaken. I usually buy Whitman's tins, but I remember everyone loved that Baltimore Album tin! I love how eclectic your tops are, that they aren't all the same colors or similar patterns. That's just fun and more interesting!

joanne w said…
But they are all made from many of the same old fabrics! isn't that great!