First blizzard of 2016

Quilting has been interrupted by the storm. We got two feet of snow on Saturday. I spent the day basting Allietare, but after helping the menfolk dig us out, my arms and shoulders and hands have not been ready for machine quilting the past few days. The snow began to fall in the evening. Here is the view from the front window.

It snowed all the next day.
And on Sunday, we spent most of the day clearing out, greatly assisted by the snowblower we got ourselves for Christmas. I am the early riser, so I tackled the front walk first. It had been blown clear during the storm, so I didn't have to shovel the first 8" or so.
 Then my younger son came out and cleared the walkway round to the driveway where the cars were buried under some interesting windblown drifts.

Our driveway is a hill, and we scrape it and sweep it down to the blacktop when it snows. Otherwise its impassable. We were done before nightfall, and crept off into town to pick up some takeout food. 

It reminded me I never should have given up my weight workouts for the upper body.