Good cat, bad cat

Truly, I love them both. But I wish they would not follow me around so much. Today, I got back to work in my quiltorium annex (no room to machine quilt in the main quiltorium).  Since it was late morning, Clyde's hunger meter was already on the "near enough to empty that I could have some lunch" setting.

So, since I had given them an early breakfast before 6 am, I capitulated, and went downstairs to feed them. We give them three small servings of wet food daily, because Bonnie is a barfer and we don't like to let her overeat. The kindest thing I can say about her condition is she hasn't yet thrown up on a quilt. 

Back upstairs, sit down at the machine, and I have two cats on my table.
At least Bonnie did not sit on the quilt. Her highness prefers finished quilts. Clyde, who outweighs her by a good four pounds, decided to rest a bit.  He's probably thinking, "Does this pose make my rear look too big?"  YES CLYDE YES!

After chasing them out of the room, I managed to get the center of the quilt done, and am halfway round the inner border. Might be finished quilting it this weekend. I'm done for today, as my shoulders hurt.