Life intervenes, not much quilting progress

I promised myself that in January I would start looking for some ways to earn a little $. So on a tip from a friend, I checked out this website:

Real Ways to Earn

I will be exploring a number of things, but today I was working on completing a test for a crowdtesting site called TestBirds.

Last week, I signed up for this site and downloaded the app, and was surprised to find that it gives decent rebates on milk, eggs,yogurt,  and specific produce without requiring a specific brand for purchase. So I got $4.50 credited to my account for buying things I really needed to buy anyway this week. Once you earn $20 or more, you can get a payout by giftcard or via paypal.

I also started poking around a site called onespace.

But a certain quiltorium cat sounds like she just left a hairball in my office, so I guess it's time to leave my desk for a bit!


desertskyquilts said…
It's always a struggle on retirement income, isn't it? I really like the idea of rebates on things I'm buying anyway, so I'm going to check that site first. Thanks!