Like a turtle....

I limp along.  I should be able to finish all my gold blocks tomorrow. They are partially pieced and each need the final two long seams. I just sewed four of them together and they required no further ripping. The root of my difficulty was carelessness in the diagonal seam of the black to the red headless geese. I may have cut the red part a few threads too wide, figuring I could just trim them down to size.  But that throws everything off. So this afternoon, I fixed those diagonal seams before I did any further assembly with them.

As usual haste makes waste.  Here's where I was this morning.

 I hope the border blocks don't confound me this much!

Other than that, it was a day of two real FIRSTS for me:

  1. First day zipping back into the jeans I was wearing before the holiday cookies.  Not really dieting yet, just eating cleaner and eating less.
  2. First visit to the library since I retired.  When I was growing up, I loved the fact that the library was only a few blocks away, and it was right up the street from my elementary school. Because I've been working and doing a lot of work on the road, visits to the library have been rare and rushed.  I  love my kindle, it has travelled many miles with me. But I love browsing the library stacks even more than surfing at Amazon. I think it's great that I can borrow books to my kindle through the library, but a book is a book, and it feels different to put your feet up and read a book.     Don't you agree?