Oopses in the Sewing Room

I had a couple of mishaps in the sewing room this week.  First, my pinpoint oiler that I use to lubricate all my machines periodically split in my hand. I had to order a new one. I got a two pack, because my featherweight is in a different room from the rest of my machines most of the time.

Then, when I was reloading a bobbin for my 301 to finish Allietare, the bobbin thread would not feed. I took it out and put it in several times. I took the plate off, dusted, etc., reseated it properly and no go!  I was in a panic. I love that machine! She's a beauty, you must agree.

Turns out, I was using a replacement bobbin I got on ebay. It's just a tad taller than the original issue singer bobbins. It has been banished, and I will only be using original issue bobbins in both my 301 and my 221 from now on.

Here are some closeups showing my border fabric and backing fabric for allietare. I know, I said I would start basting, but I need for someone (he knows who he is) to clear off the big tables I like to use for quilt basting.

The golds are kind of washed out on this photo, but I like the two pindot patterns next to each other.

My backing is rather plain. I usually don't spend big bucks on backing. This is a cobblestone fabric, I think it's appropriate for something Italian.

Waiting for the big storm to hit the east coast in a few days. That means I'll be hauling more groceries in tomorrow, for sure.


Anonymous said…
Your Alletaire fabrics look good. I love your 301. Mine is tan, and a (very heavy) sweetheart, but I've always wanted a black one. I've heard that about the replacement bobbins, too, but ones I bought at JoAnn's seemed okay. They haven't caused problems with stitching, anyway.
joanne w said…
Were the Joann's bobbins singer brand? I bought mine from some random supplier on ebay. Live and learn.