The Malocchio strikes my Allietare

Been slow going here for a while.  I am a bit fatigued, as I think my vertigo has resurfaced, albeit at a fairly low level. The extra load it imposes on my brain leaves me with a dull ache in the back of my head, and lower than normal energy.

Linking up!

Part of me doesn't want this mystery project to end. I feel the same way I did on the last day of my trip to Italy in 2001.

But if I were a superstitious woman, I would really think the Malocchio has it in for this quilt of mine. (nice shot of Assisi as the banner on that website by the way. Take a look).   However, I come from sterner stuff (see some of my ancestors here, they were not women to be trifled with!) so I will soldier on.

When my grandmother (on the right in this great photo) would return from one of her trips home to southern Italy, she would always bring back those red or golden horns to ward off the evil eye. Her friends had them hanging up in their houses.

Image result for Malocchio

Apparently, the color red in itself is supposed to be enough of a good luck charm. You would think, that with as much red as we have in this quilt, I wouldn't be making mistakes like this:

My gold center squares are giving me fits. Much ripping out, repressing, pinning, and even sewing over pins in desperate attempts to get the corners of the red pieces to match up nicely.

But I am making progress....and I WILL get this done.

In other news, it was too cold for me to walk this morning. I made it a few hundred paces up the road and my sinuses froze up, even though I was bundled pretty well.  So I got reacquainted with Mr. Treadmill in the basement, and we did about two and a half miles of fun. Not my daily quota, but the day is young, and all this walking back and forth between the ironing board and the sewing machine should help, right?

In closing, here is a little video I took the other day of my forest friends. I hope they are warm enough today.


Frances said…
We have all done ripping! Great progress.
Vireya said…
The blocks you have done so far look wonderful!

Thanks for explaining the red horns. I've seen them and thought they were chilis.
Looking great! and Love your friends.
Mary said…
You are making great progress. Love the stories of your Italian relatives! I do believe red is lucky! The Chinese think so too. I have been working my "gold centers" using a 9 patch method, and it is helping things to "line up" in a reasonable way. I will enjoy following your blog and seeing how you make out. My seam ripper and I hated clue 2 & clue 4..... Hope you warm up and feel better soon.
joanne w said…
Thanks for the encouragement, folks! I am doing better with the blocks I worked on today.
Andee said…
I made a few mistakes (hopfully I found them all) myself! It looks great, red and all!
Anonymous said…
I loved seeing the picture of your grandmother. She does look like a force to be reckoned with! I'm so glad you did finish the top and it looked so beautiful.