Tumblin time

While waiting for my border fabric to arrive, I consolidated my tumblers as planned.  My rows consist of 33 alternating dark and light tumblers with three dark tumblers on each end. Here's how I do it:

1. Cut a bin full of darks and lights. I have a cute plastic tray that fits them nicely, as you see in the middle of this photo.  When I started Allietare, the bin was full, and now it is getting low, so I guess it's time to cut some more.
2. My true leader and ender part of this adventure is just sewing them into pairs, with the dark tumbler on the bottom, with it's shortest side on the top.

Then when it's row piecing time, I piece the pairs into quartets, and make four quartets per row. I add one extra light to one of these quartets. Then I piece two dark trios, and do the final assembly. This prevents me from having to recount how many I have piece into a row, as I did on my first five rows.

I was too tired to press and assemble these rows. I can only blame the fatigue on my decision to dust the living room and tidy up a bit there. (Long overdue, believe me).  So now it's time for coffee and a cookie and maybe some handquilting downstairs til it's time to cook dinner. I'm hoping we see a few flurries tonight, it's been a snowless winter thus far.


My friend Moira over at the quilted snail has designed another lovely block for a block contest. Her block is done in those lovely fairy frost fabrics.  If you have a moment and love the design as much as I do, please give her a vote here 
Here is her contest block. Visit her blog for more info and to browse her other patterns and creations.


Moira said…
Great idea on how to piece the rows w/o having to count them all. I needed something like that as I was piecing the blocks for the scrap quilt top I just finished. I got good at frog-stitching on it!
desertskyquilts said…
I, too, like your piecing plan for the tumblers. I also like that the dark ends make a natural border. Will you then have three rows on each side that are darks, too? I love things that piece the border with the rest!
joanne w said…
Yes, there will be three rows of dark at both ends. I saw someone else on bonnie's facebook group do that.