Donation Day

During Lent, I try to focus my sewing and stitching of all kinds on doing things for others.

Today I dropped off two tiny NICU quilts and 6 premie hats to March of the Blanketeers. Took home a bag full of fleece scraps to make chemo caps, so please share links to patterns if you have them!

Friendship star blocks from old online swaps and from an outer border to my chocolate stars quilt that I decided I didn't want to add. 


SuperMomNoCape said…
Hello Joanne... I'm not sure if these kinds of hats would work as chemo caps, but they would definitely be perfect for using up fleece scraps.

I love the little blankets you made!
joanne w said…
Supermom, thanks, these look really cute. I wonder if a soft lining would make them work as chemo caps, maybe cut the sections out of soft t shirt knit and make an inner liner?