It's not just about the quilts

Time to make it clear. I do other crafty things besides quilting. Went through an avid knitting phase a few years ago, and seem to have lost my knitting mojo. I have been crocheting more and more lately. I sure seem to pin a lot more crochet things on my pinboard than I do anything else.

Some reasons I am loving crochet these days:

It's easiest for me to do while watching TV and wearing progressive lens glasses. I can't handquilt, and I can only knit simple stuff above a certain gauge. It seems like the hands remember where to go next without much squinting in a simple crochet pattern.

It gives me a faster way to use up the yarn stash.

Pretty, chunky lace, like this, from Solicroch

Free Vintage Crochet Poncho Pattern | SIMPLE CROCHETED PONCHO PATTERN | Easy Crochet Patterns:

You can whip up quick gifts like this

Lightning Fast Crocheted Cowl:

Chunky warm scarves like this

And there are patterns for all seasons, with lacy cardis for summer, and chunky warmness for winter.

So, expect to see some crochety photos soon. Working on premie hats at present for donation. But if you look at that pinboard, you will see how much has caught my eye. Always open to new recommendations, so leave a comment if you have a great pattern to pass along.