I tend to go a little adrift in these in-between seasons.  I'm glad there is more daylight as February ends, but my body clock is not synced right.  Today, we may have turned a corner, and we were richly rewarded for doing so.

We hit the trail about 30-45 minutes earlier than we had on any day in the past week. Shortly after we crossed the little stream in our Long Island Greenbelt paradise, we saw deer. To the left, to the right, and in front of us. Ten of them.
Including our old friend, the lame doe, and the smaller, even lamer little deer. We marvel at their agility, each of them with a foreleg that can never again touch the ground. It is painful to see them limp along though.

Well, they do persevere, and so do we quilters. Every project of a certain size seems to hit a point where it takes real determination to finish, lest we end up with another UFO bag of shame stashed in a far corner of the quiltorium.

How do you keep yourself motivated?  Do you set daily goals? Do you break a project down into smaller pieces?

One thing that is slowing me down is quilting clutter. Being a mostly scrap quilter at this stage of my life I find that every project seems to:

a. Cause an explosion of fat quarters
b. Untidy all the drawers where I had everything nicely folded

I know I need a better storage system, but I simply can't afford to invest in new storage units. I use a mishmosh of old dressers and plastic bins at present.  My quilting room is never going to garner a pinterest following.

So, i'm open to suggestions.  How do you tame the chaos? Does it sometimes cause you to feel overwhelmed? Am I the only one with these issues?


Louise said…
My projects also seem to generate the FQ "explosion," as you put it. Stacks of fabrics that go together, and then inspire more stacks because oo, wouldn't that look great together? Pretty soon my tiny sewing room is filled with fabric towers of Pisa.

The only thing that seems to work for me is to let it get so messy that I just *have* to clean it up or no more work can get done. I tell myself that my creative process is messy, and that's just all there is to it.

I don't think new storage bins is the answer, in any case. If you're a mess-maker, you'll just pull it all out of the new bins. Quilting is a visual art, you just gotta LOOK at the fabric to make it work, which means it has to be exploding!