Rescued an old friend

Went to visit my mom, and was trying to declutter one of her spare rooms. I convinced her to let me take my old sewing machine with me. This was the machine that I sewed on after I learned on my grandma's motorized singer treadle.  I think this baby can be brought back into service, it's a Singer 15-30 clone, made in Japan by Emdeko.  The handwheel turns. I gave it a light cleaning and oiling last night, and loosened the belt which seemed way too tight, and I got it to run. However, it makes sort of a barking noise, so I think it needs a little more attention.  Also, it has a bobbin case, but no bobbins, so I am going to pick some up at the Joann's tomorrow on my way to church. There may be an issue with the tension assembly, it seems loose and jiggly.

All fun stuff to research and fix, if we can. I love these machines with the metal gears, I think that they can last a good long time and sew like a workhorse.

Because we needed another project......