Snowing again

We are back from our short road trip to visit our family up north. A lovely relaxing time at their lakefront home.  Although I missed the outlaw cats back home, I was able to pet my handsome nephew cat, Mr. Whiskers, from time to time.  He is a gorgeous Maine Coon, with a distinctive, perfect MeOW. Our cats rarely say meow, instead they trill to communicate.

I was able to take in a small quilt show, displaying the talented work of the Fenimore Quilt Club.

Here are a few photos of the quilts that caught my eye. The first two were row by row projects, I believe.

 This next very modern looking quilt is made from thrifted shirts. The ingenuity of quilters always amazes me, and I hope I can store everyone's great ideas for future reference.
 A couple of very striking mandala, or medallion style wallhangings. I loved the colors in both of these.

So, it's back to binding Allietare today. I am past the halfway point.  Hopefully, will finish this week. We have three snowy days to get through, very conducive to handwork.