The Home Stretch

No doubt about it, mornings are my best times to get anything done. So, after some grocery shopping, I set out to get going on binding on Allietare, which is almost done!

I grabbed an old-mini-cone spool (if anyone has a way to recycle old plastic spools, please let me know, because I don't throw them away), seamed up an endless stretch of binding, and got that ready.

Then, I made my templates from Bonnie's pdf file. I had cut my borders a little wider, so I extended the base of the templates by an inch.  Marked it with a tailor's chalk marker, if I sew to the inner edge of this rather wide line, it will be fine.

Hoping to get the binding sewn to the top after lunch.  

I am lazy about putting labels on my quilt, but Bonnie deserves so much credit for this design, that I am thinking about doing one and incorporating my Italian grandparents, and a photo on my last trip to Italy with mom and dad and one of my sons. This whole mystery quilt journey brought back memories of Italy, and gratitude for my heritage. It's all stitched into that quilt for me.

4:05 UPDATE 
Binding sewn on, fabric and backing trimmed and ready for handstitching the binding to the back. Time to put my feet up for an hour before dinner. And coffee, always more coffee. 


sally said…
Your colors for Allietare are beautiful.. I went a few posts back and got the close up of your border fabrics. They are perfect together! Also like the way you put together your Tumbler quilt. I wasn't loving that one either, until I saw other layouts. I like the one you chose. There is another layout where you don't have to match points/seams. That is my kind of fun quilt! They alternate light dark pieces on each row , then when they see the rows together, they stagger the pieces, much like shingles are staggered. Back to Allietare, thanks for sharing! It has turned out beautiful!!