The Journey's End

It's a wrap. My first finish of 2016.  I have enjoyed this mystery so much. I relived my two trips to Italy, and reminisced about my big warm crazy Italian American family. All those good things are stitched in to this quilt and I will treasure it always.

Thank you Bonnie Hunter for all you do!  If we every counted up all the quilts made from your designs, I'm sure we will have warmed a small country's population, at least. You should be so proud.

I really am not done done. I don't normally label my quilts, but I'm doing this, more for giving Bonnie the credit for the design than to tout my own work.  I used to flip the label, and hopefully my old photo transfer paper will work.....

So what next? It's Ash Wednesday, and time to turn my craftiness mostly toward donations.  I have met the founder of March of the Blanketeers locally, and she is a dynamo. Located not far from me, and she can take care of the donating part, I just need to crank out more quilts, afghans and baby hats for babies, kids, teens who are sick. This is going to help me a lot with stash reduction! I've already donated a quilt and an afghan and I have two preemie hats almost done.

The organization is run on a shoestring though, and I am trying to help with fundraising. Difficult for me now since I have no discretionary income in my early retirement, but there are other ways to help.I use Amazon smile (type in March of the Blanketeers)  to support them, and am hoping to convert my fitbit steps to their advantage as well.

You can even start your own chapter wherever you are!  To learn more, give them a like on Facebook and visit their website, which is updated often.