What Have I been up to?

Prepping for tax time. I had to concentrate on getting my mom's stuff ready for the accountant this week.  Also, I am doing a little freelance writing, so there has been less energy left for quilty pleasures.  Hoping to have a better balanced week coming up.

Also, I seem to be getting out of kilter because the sun is rising earlier. Let me explain. Normally, I get up, feed the quiltoriumkitties, pray, have breakfast and by then my husband is ready for our morning walk. I've been waking up around 4 and not quite feeling like GETTING up, so by the time I am back to sleep and ready to pop my eyes open again, it's 6:30 or later. I do better if I get up at 5:30.  Maybe I will be back in my zone when we put the clocks ahead, because then my 4 am wakeup will be 5 am and that will feel like I'm entitled to get up and get going.

Does this make sense?