Aunt Jo's Scrap Bag

Isn't that the title of a Louisa May Alcott anthology of short stories? 

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Seems like it might be a good name for this little bit of scrappiness that is taking shape as well.

I am going to replace the center block. After seeing the photo, I decided the big black and white floral print is sticking out like a sore thumb, as is the square at the bottom corner of the block. This one will have to go live in the orphan block box, from which great potholders are eventually born.

Sometimes it's best to wait til morning to fix mistakes like this one. I have no idea what my corner triangles will be made of, probably a single neutral fabric would be best. From there, who knows what kind of outer borders will take place......I love working this way, without a fixed idea of what will happen.

I will fix that center block and fiddle with the block layout before starting to assemble into rows.