Back from Easter Break

Did you miss me?

It's been an odd couple of weeks. First, we had flu in the house, although the son who brought it home from work got better in a day or so. I stayed close to home for a few days. Have you ever felt a little under the weather but not quite sick? That was me.

I have finished my little scrappy basket blocks and should have something to show you on that layout soon.  I have been feeding the scrap strip bins, which means a lot of pressing, cutting, stashing, and refolding. I had to cut more tumblers for my L&E project. I don't think I've been quilting enough, because I have only gotten this far:

I am trying not to get upset when what SHOULD be a totally random scrappy arrangement ends up plunking two of the same tumblers right next to each other. It's somewhat ok with the lights, but when the darks match up across the rows it's like a testament to my laziness and poor planning.

Will I make it to a quilt of meaningful size before this coming year's L&E challenge is posted? I'd better get cracking. 

Clyde says, "just chill, mom," it's not as bad as you think. Step away, take a nap, and it will all be ok. 

Clyde is wise, I should listen to him more often.