Cleaning Tools

I've been a bit scattered lately. I trimmed up bunches of HSTs today so I should be able to churn out the remaining scrappy basket blocks more quickly. My machines need to be taken apart and given a little cleaning and TLC.  I have two odd tools I use for this.
That spaceship looking thing is a camera duster I bought a few years back on Amazon. It's actually called a Rocket Duster. You just squeeze it to send a gentle puff of air out the red tip. If you don't like to use canned air, this is a tool worth investing in.

A soft blush brush, fresh out of the package, and never used for makeup purposes is also useful for cleaning the outside of your machine as well as getting partway into those nooks and crannies where lint seems to hide.

The exciting news of the day is that I finally found and joined a daytime quilting circle. It's about a half hour's drive in a recreation center a few townships over from where I live. Very nice ladies. It's just a place to go and do some handwork and chat for a few hours, and trade ideas.  Machines are allowed, but since I always have some handwork in progress, whether it's applique, English Paper Piecing, crochet or knitting, it's not worth dragging even a Featherweight out unless it's a good long day's worth of work.

Today I brought a basket of HST's and a small cutting mat, so that I could trim them for assembly into blocks. I tend to measure and trim at every stage of construction, because I am still not as accurate as I would like to be.