To sash or not to sash, that is the question

I'm leaning towards a narrow scrappy sashing of light prints, no cornerstones for the inside joins of these blocks.And maybe some single colorway string pieced triangles for the large triangular spaces around the edge, following by a 2" border and maybe a pieced outer border of some sort.  I am just going to decide as I go along.

I don't think they can just be joined block to block, it's too confusingly scrappy that way--take a look at my earlier photo of the first few blocks

Let me know what you think? Leave a comment, but I reserve the right to forge ahead and decide something entirely different when all the blocks are done. I don't even have a thought in mind for how big this should be. I'm thinking good sized wallhanging.


gayle said…
I agree on not going block to block. A light sashing sounds good, but I'd audition some cornerstones before making a final decision. (More opportunities for color and general scrappiness!)
I love your little baskets - one of my favorite blocks!
joanne w said…
Gayle, spoken like a true scrapoholic! I think you are right. Much as I hate little cornerstones because mine end up looking less than square at times, I think it will add a little more sparkle. Thanks for the idea!