Basting Away

I pieced a backing from stash, found a big enough piece of soft n toasty batting, and am  done with pin basting the scraptastical wallhanging. I always feel good about using up stash.

Took a break and will start the machine quilting as soon as I attach the BSR to my Bernina Aurora. She thought she had been permanently shoved aside in favor of my Singer 301. Have to show them equal love, as they each have their strong points.

Hexie Madness

I got a case of hexie attention deficit disorder yesterday. I wanted to see if I could do really small ones, and started on this....I think it's going to be a small Christmas wallhanging. I'm working on the center of the wreath right now. 

It seems a little crazy, but these work up fast--they are like popcorn.
I was able to just grab odd pieces out of my crumb bin (which is overflowing and how many crumb projects can one make, anyway?) grind them through the Accuquilt and then baste.   I have the die with three sizes of hexagons. I haven't found much use for the largest size yet, other than making some rice bag handwarmers last Christmas.