Been AFK for a While

Been AFK, or away from keyboard for a while. It still feels a little odd to go this many days without working at my desk. But life is good. Few freelance writing jobs to work on this week, until today. There is a lot of outdoor work to tend to, and after that, I tend to sit downstairs and do some handwork to relax.

My easily distracted craftiness has made me:
  • Stall out on finishing piecing my large hexie project

  • Start another crazy small (half-inch)hexie project, making it up as I go along. Going to be a Christmas wreath with a scrappy red border, just a small wallhanging.
  • Take a diversion through tatting, a craft I had made some progress in long ago, but cast it aside. It takes a lot of practice to keep from knotting things up, and to make the loops and picots of a consistent size. I have made the longest piece of tatted edging I've ever been able to do without a terminal screw-up that knots things up so badly that it gets cast aside into the graveyard of tatted bits.

  • This one got screwed up shortly after I started it, when I attached the next loop to the top picot instead of the side one.
And I finished a crochet baby hat for donation, and learned how to do double ended crochet to make dishcloths, hotpads and such.