It was a mulchy week, so not much quilting

It was time to attend to some spring yardwork this week. We are still having frost overnight, but the days are warmer, almost warm enough for shirtsleeves. Since we are blessed (or cursed) with a lot of oak trees, we have to do a fair amount of spring cleanup. So many leaves and acorns. Then I weeded and mulched the two front flowerbeds along the path to our front door.

In the meantime, I did work on my hexagons and will continue to do so after church today. I laid my project out on the dining room table like a jigsaw puzzle and began assembling. Miss Bonnie decided to keep me company, in her usual shy quiet way. There was a nice patch of sunshine for her to snooze in and an opera score on the floor by the music stand that she seemed to want to study.

This is a lovely photo of her sweet face. She lost the other eye before we adopted her, but she is still our beautiful princess cat. 

Life was good, until Clyde found us. He just rolled right in there, and made her move away from the sun.
There was a bit of a scuffle after that.

I need to upload one more photo from my ipad, that showed the further chaos caused by Clyde when he decided to lay right on my layout. 

Having been bitten by the hexie bug, I have pinned tons of ideas to my hexie pinboard. Also a few hexie-ish ideas for yo yos.