Making a little headway

Such a yucky day here, although I am glad the weather was nice this morning and I got in my usual almost 4 mile walk. 

Been working on various things here in the quiltorium, and in my easy chair. Decided to see how this hexie project might go together. Those dark hexagons are actually a deep forest green. My goal is to fill in and fill out the flowers with some very luscious batiks, mostly greens, but maybe a little bluish green to suggest a nearby pond. I am not graphing this out. I figure I can get most of it laid out on the table, snap a photo and use that as my map for connecting everything up.

I think I've finished my scrap basket top. With input from friends over at the quilting beehive, an internet group I've belonged to even before that was its name (loooooong story), some of whom also blog here and here, I added a narrow border of the setting triangle fabric. I also changed out one of the outermost cornerstones that was fading into the green. The other dark ones that I left in actually contrast ok in real life. I fiddled with some of the seams at the corners to get the whole thing to flatten out before adding the borders. It's wider than it should be and it really is square, it was just hard to get a good photo when my usual quilt holder was out running errands. I will trim that outer border down about a half inch after the quilting.

I also realized I had so many projects going on in the quiltorium that I had ground progress to a standstill. I was cutting squares for this, strips for that, triangles for something else, and felt like I wasn't making progress on anything. I will try to get this one quilted this week, let's see how that goes.