Piecing done, but.....

The mistake in my last post only took about 15 minutes to repair, I don't know why I get so frustrated by things like that.

I have finished piecing, but I am a little concerned about getting it to lay flat. I think the corners on the right side may need to be replaced. I will measure it and see how far things are off. I'm not sure if I want to do an outer border, so I will put this aside for a while.

I was able to fix that block I didn't like, by partially disassembling it and then swapping in a different large triangle and putting it all back together again.  

Time to tidy up a bit, and maybe do some handwork before finalizing the chicken teriyaki that is bubbling away in the crockpot. 

So what do you think? more borders or no? I would like it to hang either over a sofa or in my kitchen, so I don't want it to get much bigger.  


Moira said…
I'd vote for stopping here. If you were to add anything, then just a narrow border of the same fabric in the setting triangles.
Unknown said…
I would like one border, agree with Moira, narrow. The baskets look like they need to be stopped before they fall off the edge? Maybe its the angle? LOL
Anonymous said…
I think you can go either way and it will be fine. Here in TN, we don't do borders as much as some parts of the country, and I'm finding I like a lot of things just finished without one.
joanne w said…
After a lot of great input here and on my favorite quilting mailing list, I am going to do several things:

Put higher contrast cornerstones around the perimeter. Add a narrow border in the same fabric as the setting triangles.

I am definitely moving away from my 80s preferences of a narrow inner border followed by a 6" outer border, and making more projects with no border or some pieced borders, but not on this one, it's too busy already for a pieced border.