Someone put the hex on me

I am getting back in the groove with something I started and abandoned years ago.  I am not sure where this is heading yet. My quilting process has evolved over time. It used to go:

See design in book or magazine-----purchase fabric-----cut it up-----piece it-----quilt it-----bind it

Now it's more like this:

Get inspired by a design, fabric or technique---make a few blocks----throw it at the wall----walk away, mull it over for a while, and decide on a general direction----design as you go along---quilt it----bind it

I guess that's somewhat like what is going on over at KnitNQwilt, where she is doing fantastic modern designs and really stretching her design skills. Take a look at her innovative alternative to a design wall while you are over there, as well. Except I'm still working in a more traditional quilting mode.  Mostly because I have all this ancient stash to use up!

I have been using this great little kit that I got years ago. I think it was meant for scrapbooking, a craft I never got into. One side can hold your work in progress (as displayed in the above photo), the other side holds your tools, and its partitions are somewhat configurable. I've used it for cross stitch, other forms of embroidery, applique and hand piecing over the years, now it is my hexi-kit.

Also, Wonder clips are very helpful in setting the first few folds on the paper piece, then I fold and stitch from the opposite side.  And those fiskars hexie punches are making quite a dent in the junk mail cardstock. I'm just waiting for election season direct mailing to heat up.....