A Wild Goose Chase, and then some progress

Today was the first day in weeks that I actually accomplished even a few things on my various task lists. First a long walk where we saw the lame doe and the little lame deer. They always seem to be together. We wonder if they are mother and child or just companions who can't quite keep up with the rest of the herd. It is amazing to see how fast they can move when they need to, though.

Then a few household chores actually were completed.  After lunch I fired up the serger and converted a dress whose bodice I don't like into a skirt. I liked the fabric too much to just toss the dress in the donation pile. I still need to downsize the clutter in my closet and get rid of things I haven't worn in years. I also quickly serged the edge of a piece of flannel to donate as a receiving blanket when I finish up the stuff for Bella's Babies.

Then, I tried to figure out something to sit and sew that wouldn't be too taxing. I wanted to make some wild and goosey blocks. I made eight of them pre-retirement, and made them into a tablerunner, seen here by my TV watching chair.

It's a good project for when I'm tired, because I can setup my small cutting/pressing mat and my travel iron right next to my machine, open a bin of scraps and not have to get up to go to the ironing board or cutting table. Each piece that is added requires pressing and trimming, so I suppose a day of piecing these would really rack up the fitbit steps if I didn't do it all at one workstation.

BIG PROBLEM: I knew I had a stack of the foundation papers for this block printed out and cut, ready to sew......someplace. Could not find them on any of my shelves in the quiltorium. Searched on my desk, and the shelves above my desk. Nope. That was my wild goose chase. I finally broke down and printed some more. I looked in my folder of paper piecing projects, they are not there. I can even picture them in my mind, in a little blue plastic basket....but I just can't find them.

I also pieced some mini string blocks, from strips and strings that I had not yet stashed in the individual string color bins.

So, here's what I accomplished before dinner. I have an interesting idea brewing for the string blocks, maybe.....sort of a weird miniature version of the old schlep bag pattern, which is very similar in shape to the Mondo bags that are so popular.
Well, I"m off to try to find those foundation papers, or maybe piece some more blocks.