Scrappy rules?

Made more mini blocks from the scrapsplosion yesterday, will do more of the same this afternoon. Here is yesterday's progress.
And this made me laugh, reminded me of when my kids complained about the Canadian Geese droppings all over the middle school playing fields. I call this my "goose droppings" from the wild and goosey blocks:

Because I needed some mindless fun, I did the totally scrappy, no rules approach. But I am ready to admit that I have a problem. Most of my older scraps are colors and prints that I call murky. Burgundy, gold, navy, those dusty blues and pinks from the eighties (UGH) and a lot of neutrals with a decidedly tea-stained look to them. I can deal with this to some extent by pepping them up with bright yellow, orange and purple, but it's not sitting well with me.

So, I may switch off and do something else where it's "themed scrappy" such as all blues, all greens, or all purples with the contrast of a different color peppered in here and there. I did scrappy green in this quilt, and I was really happy with how it looked.

If I had to summarize the rules, it would be like this:

Main color with a value spread from light to dark, and a range of hues. If it's a secondary color, you can vary towards both of the primaries that make it up. In this quilt, for example, the greens included both blue greens and yellow greens.

Color splashes can be the complementary color, or not, and it still seemed to work. In this quilt, the color splashes were within the individual fabrics used for piecing.

How about you, if you are a scrap quilter? Are you a no rules scrapper, or do you prefer to be a limited palette scrapper?


Louise said…
I admit that my scrap journey is so new that I have no rules whatsoever! For now I am mostly just contributing blocks to charity drives, but now that you mention it, those drives have very clear color boundaries. So I've been successful in a small way with a limited palette and will probably stick with that for a while until I earn my scrap chops.
joanne w said…
Louise, enjoy the process, with or without rules.

My problem is the backlog of fabrics that were purchased over three decades--I'm not loving them enough to make big blocks out of them, and sprinkling them in to some small scrappy things is the only way I can make something pleasing to the eye. Need to use some of this up before buying more fabric!