Serenity Now!

I chugged out four more goosey blocks today, and three more totally scrappy string blocks.  But I really needed a dose of calm, so I proof of concept tested 3.5" square in square blocks, in soothing blue and white.

  1. Cut the center squares 2 5/8"
  2. For the triangles cut two squares anywhere from 2 3/8 to 2 5/8" and slice once on the diagonal.
  3. Finger press creases down the center of the white squares and line up the points of your triangles with the creases. sew and flip.

To trim them to 3.5":

  1. Line up the 1 3/4" line of your ruler from corner to corner on the white square. Trim one side and rotate 180 degrees.
  2. Trim the opposite side after lining up the 1 3/4" line point to point again. Your 3.5" line should line up on the edge you just cut.
  3. Rotate your block 90 degrees and repeat the trimming process. 
You should now have a 3.5" square block with quarter inch seam allowances.