Stop the Insanity!

First, a note of apology for my blogging hiatus. My elderly mom is in the hospital about 2 hours away from me so it's been a lot of worry and trips back and forth. She seems to be on the mend though.

When I have been actually composed enough to tend to my crafty adventures I am feeling a bit stuck.  I believe that I have given free rein to my dabbling and wandering attention span for too long recently, and it's turned out to be a bad thing. I am too distracted, and everything is so jumbled up I can't seem to make adequate progress on anything.

My chairside table looks like this:
I managed to slay some of the clutter in the sewing room this weekend. Being a mostly scrappy kind of quilter makes it easy for me to bury all work surfaces under a scrapsplosion of strips, FQs, crumbs and whatnot.

I focused in on something relatively small and made a few swap blocks for a retreat I hope to attend this summer.

These are 12" blocks. In general, I think ultrascrappy color schemes please me better on smaller blocks. So if I make more, I will try to limit the palette a bit.

It's time to exert some discipline. Happy to say I moved things forward a bit just by making a mini-list of goals.

I thought it best to pick a few do-able goals and resist my urge to go into spreadsheet tracking mode--because I might get overwhelmed at the magnitude of the list.

I'd like to finish up and mail off my donations to Bella's Babies this week, since I have a good shot at getting that done.  Not sure that I will get near my serger to finish up the fleece blanket edges though. I should push on that.

I'm trying to finish off my larger hexie project, at least to finish piecing it this week. I think I only have a few hours left.  It's not working out to be a great TV project because my eyes won't focus on close work and see the TV at the same time. That's why you see a profusion of little crochet items on my chairside table, above.

Well, enough of that, I need to get moving today.