Therapeutic Piecing Continues

As life slowly returns to normal, I'm still low on energy for major projects, so I am spending my sewing time churning out small scrappy blocks.

Today's progress, more Wild and Goosey segments:

And assembling some 3.5" string blocks into 6.5" units

What these two piles will become in the end is a mystery at this point, but seeing the stacks of little blocks grow makes me feel like I am accomplishing something.

I made it around my full walking route today. Did not get a shot of the only deer who peeked at us from what is now a very green underbrush in the woods, but saw a bunny and two owls. Sorry for the fuzzy phone photos.
This first owl is on that same branch every morning, and has been there for at least the last two springs, so he is an old friend.
Further down the trail, we saw this one, whose feathers were darker brown, so I don't know if they are male/female colorings, or two different owl species. I know we have several types of owls around here, because when we first moved in, we went to a few nighttime owl walks at the nature center, and learned about them.