A new Scrapcessory

I love making blocks, but big quilts sometimes languish on my to-do list. So, I have also begun using scrap quilting techniques for accessories. I call them scrapcessories. My first one was scissor lanyard in this picture. Made from 1.5" charm squares and linen.
The string blocks you've seen in several previous posts, as well as the adding machine strips you see above were used to make this:

I made my triangles too small, shame on me, but it still turned out ok. The straps were easy to make, just cut the adding machine strips to 2" wide to the length you like. fuse some pelon interfacing to the back (cut that a scant 2 and 7/8") 
Cut the purple fabric 3" wide and pressed 1/4" under each edge. Turned it and stitched it over the scrappy strips with my topstitching foot. 

Anything to use up the ever growing pile of scraps!