A week in which much progress was made, but nothing got finished

With my hexie map in hand, I have made some good progress on that project. Photo will follow in another post.

Today I spent the day here.
Made lots of these:
started with 3.5" square foundation papers.

Also put inner borders on a long forgotten ufo--photo when the final border is done.

With the leftovers from that project, I made this:

and will make this.
Not sure what I will do with either of them though.

Decided that this looks better without the greenish blues. not sure what these want to be yet.
Also added three rows to the tumbler project, and pieced one more full row while doing everything else, as my leader and ender project.

All this progress makes me realize how other quilters are so productive. They actually spend the whole day quilting. I'm still getting used to being in charge of how I spend my whole day.