Hexagons: Time for a Plan

I have been muddling along on a small hexie project, but I decided I wanted to square it off and make a small wallhanging out of it. My last hexie project with the larger hexagons was something I let evolve. I am not too happy with the results, so I will put it aside for a while.

I think it needs more sky at the top, maybe? Any other ideas--please comment.  I have to get around the problem of not having any more of that light blue fabric that is in the upper left corner....maybe I can figure out a scrappy way out of my dilemma, because I bought it at a shop in western NJ on my road trip to visit my very last consulting client last year. I can't even remember the name of the shop...

I got this far on my little project. It looks like a happy little wreath. I will probably applique a bow on it, or....something....
I fired up that free design software, Quilt Assistant and planned out the rest of a design for a rectangular Christmas project, and now I can proceed with a plan in hand. I may sit in front of my big-screen monitor and catch some of Bonnie's QuiltCam while I baste a ton of small hexagons. Don't mind the funky colors in the light sections, it helps me mark off what I have pieced together into what I call my subassemblies. Once an engineer, always an engineer!

In conclusion, I have to admit that it's better to plan things out at some point. I am not enough of a free spirit creative type to just let these hexagon adventures happen in a totally liberated way.

And there is good news, a moment of peaceful behavior with two cats in the quiltorium this morning! Sharing the same window sill!  It looks like Clyde is moving in for a smooch on Bonnie.