A Little Guilt is a Great Thing

In the past twenty four hours, I made great progress on the scrappy trips blocks. Got a ton of them prepped to the point where I can sit at my machine with a seam ripper and pick the small seams apart and sew six strips together to make the individual blocks. However, he voice of my quilting conscience said:

"What! Another finished top to go in the drawer of forgotten quilt tops?"

I had figured that July would be too hot for all the pressing and basting in the quiltorium which is upstairs and not directly air conditioned. However, we are still topping out in the low 80s here, and there is still a breeze blowing after last night's storms.  So, I hauled out the smaller of the two, a sofa sized throw in the Fading Charms Pattern. It had marinated there for about two years. I pieced a backing from stash, and have it all pin basted and ready to start quilting tomorrow!  Hopefully it will be a quick finish this week.

Meanwhile, I have this whole bin of block pieces to work on. Despite the woeful ugliness of some of this old stash fabric, I think it's going to be smashing when it's done.