A perfectly balanced day....

This was the kind of day where you get everything done. So maybe I have had a glimpse of what it feels like to live in balance. 

Morning began a little late, but we were out walking before 7.While walking, I said my morning prayers and then thought of a few thoughts I could add to the freelance article I needed to finish today.

An hour of writing finished the article off, and the client approved it right away, so no stress worrying about revision requests. Next up was a little honest housework. The downstairs was overdue for aggressive vacuuming, because of the disruption and dirt caused by moving our laundry area from the basement up to our pantry on the main floor. Plus the large number of dust bunnies as the outlaw cats continue to shed for the summer heat.  Love the new machines by the way: LG 1501 top loading high efficiency washer and dryer.  Stood and watched the washer through the clear lid to see how it actually functioned with no central pillar agitator. Yeah our last washer was pretty ancient......

Lunch and then free hours of sewing time!  Yes!  I decided to haul out an old UFO. Scrappy Trips around the World. It is a great way to use up lots of old FQs from the "What was I thinking?" bins. I find it very freeing and resist rules like "always put the darkest color along the main diagonal." or putting colors together that "go" with each other. I found some really strange colorways in those bins:

  • A rust and gray small floral
  • Fabric that was a color I can only describe as the shade of uncooked liver

Here was what I had when I first pulled it out of the UFO bin of shame:

Today I made about twenty more stripset tubes. I just have to cut the little tubes, pick apart the seams, and piece the blocks and I should have enough to pull something together and slap a border on it for an interested throw quilt.