Quilting Makes You Prettier

Last evening, as we finished dinner, my husband was staring at me.  I asked why, and he said,"Because you look pretty."  After almost 37 years of a happy marriage, it's the kind of statement that doesn't get made often, because we both have a quiet assurance of each other's devotion-no words are necessary.

I thought about it and said, "It's because I'm happy. Happy that I finished a quilt today.

So, ta-DA, here it is.

Pattern: Fading Charms from Wedding Dress Blue blog.
I used 2" squares and this was my leader/ender endeavor for a while. Managed to piece a backing from stash over the weekend, and had just enough bright yellow binding in my binding scrap box to finish it off. It will be a throw for a gray sofa in the office area upstairs here, and as you can see, it matches our gray cat, Bonnie. She is quite happy with it, and I think she looks pretty sitting on it too!


Quilting as a beauty treatment--I love it! Sweet story. :)
Louise said…
What a great, scrappy quilt! Any sewing that results in husbandly compliments is a great quilt, indeed. It's nice to read about quilty happiness :)